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Welcome to our karaoke service, here you will find information on our karaoke service and some tips when singing, using the microphone, filling out request slips and some general rules we put in place when we start a karaoke show.

Our professional Karaoke Presenters will put the most novice Karaoke Singer at ease, & host your event with Personality.

All our presenters provide the latest equipment with song words displayed on screen, song lists containing thousands of song titles for you to make your selection, from the 'Oldest Crooning Classics' to the 'Latest Chart Toppers'. We also supply the song request slips & pens and we now have our Kiosk and Phone App for you to use.

In general all you have to do to enter the show is pick a song from our catalogue of music, put it on a request slip and hand it to your host or send it to The host via one of our digital systems. We try to make sure every night has a fair rotation and any new singers get moved in to the list within at least the next 5 songs fro the one currently being sung.

The Stage is set the floor is yours, now it's your chance to shine, It doesn't matter if you don't sing like Justin Timberlake or Christina Aguilera, perhaps you can't croon like Frank Sinatra, Karaoke nights are fun nights!

If you sing in the bath, the shower or the car, then Karaoke is for you.

Everyone secretly sings into their hairbrush at some time or another, so why not add a fun element by booking Karaoke for your party or event.


Microphones can be as easy or as hard to use as you wish, in basic all you need to do is to sing into the top of the microphone, not the sides.

The only rule we have when using the microphones is to be careful with them, they are dynamic cordless microphones, and very expensive. Just dropping the mic, tapping it, or banging it can damage them.

Lastly, Applauding your fellow singers will lead to a fun night of Karaoke.

Why not lead the clapping and chanting.


Please be prompt when called to sing. Usually the singer rotation is long, and it is unfair to other singers if you are slow getting to the Microphone. Be courteous to fellow singers, and listen quietly. Do not approach the singer to help out unless you have been expressly asked to do so!

If you have put in lots of requests and it's a busy night anyway, please do not expect to get all your requests played. Please don't put a lot of requests in at the same time (one or two only at a time please).

Some of CD+G Disc Companies that we use.

Karaoke Artist Order pdf, www.purplestarkaraoke.co.uk
Artist Order Song Book
If not opening right click Save Target as pdf file

Karaoke Track Order pdf, www.purplestarkaraoke.co.uk
Track Title Order Song Book
If not opening right click Save Target as pdf file

If we have not the track that you wish to sing,
Just ask and we try to find the track for the next you see us

**Good Rates**

Terms on Booking Disco/Karaoke

Booking any packs from Purple Star Karaoke that are quoted over £150 will require a deposit of
£50 upon booking. The remaining/Hiring Fee must be paid upon setup of the Disco/Karaoke.
Cancellation - The deposit is non refundable

You can pay the Deposit via paypal (details provided when booking)

We can also take the full paymemt via Paypal from a Booking Enquiry

Included with all our karaoke services:

- Professional karaoke host / presenter;
- With all the audio equipment needed;
- A large karaoke library with songs from 1930's to today's chart;
- Wide range of music for all age groups for in-between singers.
- Karaoke to venue multiple Projectors & Screens link up are also available [with prior notice] for an additional charge.

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Purple Star Karaoke's channel
Purple Star Karaoke's channel

Karaoke At The First & Last,
Annii singing the streak
with a little help
from Maggie and Belynda